I am an experienced yoga teacher with a life long passion for learning; for personal growth and change. Since 2011, I have been teaching group vinyasa classes and private yoga sessions, and have led several trainings for aspiring yoga teachers. My commitment to curiosity and openness to new things has led me to advanced training in anatomy with Leslie Kaminoff and Doug Keller; advanced trainings in asana and teaching pedagogy with Jason Crandall, Trina Altman, Laurel Beversdorf and Francesca Cervero, to name a few, and to earn a Level 1 training in mat pilates. I am so grateful to all of these teachers for challenging me to look beyond a more limiting lens of what yoga is, and inspiring me, again and again, to continue seeking new ways of teaching yoga and movement.

I hope to share this with my students and lead them to approach their bodies and their yoga with curiosity, presence, compassion and strength. My hope for my students is that they will bring the tangible benefits of yoga into their everyday life, and discover a sustainable, strong and lifelong practice that meets their needs spiritually and physically.


My story is here:

“In the years after my first teacher training, my yoga practice opened doors into a world of embodied awareness that encompassed more than just the physical. Yoga has taught me how to create balance in my body, my heart and my mind. Yoga is now as much about the internal experience as it is about the external; it is about moving well and being well. During this process of growth and change, my yoga (and all of my movement practices) have become much richer.

I have always been a competitive athlete and I value drive, hard work and discipline as self-fulfilling qualities in life. But I have discovered that when competitiveness and perfectionism are not balanced with a deep sense of presence and inner listening, we can be left feeling depleted and disconnected from the power that hides underneath our bodies’ issues. When we learn to balance what we think our bodies need with what they are telling us, we tap into the power and strength that exists within the deepest parts of our physical selves. The resilience and awareness this gives us translates to the entire framework of our lives.

In my own life, an injury taught me to listen to my body with a compassionate heart. I found myself struggling with pain as I carried out my daily activities, and yet I ignored my body’s signs and continued to push past the injury in my training. My wise body was asking for a shift in perspective in order to heal.

On the other side of this, my teaching has become more balanced and more authentic. I am an avid student of all the components of yoga that I love. I continue to dive deeper into the anatomy of my yoga practice and my spiritual practice. I continue to learn more about building a sustainable movement practice that incorporates many kinds of movement and strength into a daily routine that is grounding and fulfilling. I have led three teacher trainings and have continued to pursue advanced training in teaching and anatomy.

In all my classes and sessions I hope to point my students towards a place of strength, resilience and compassion within their movement practice. I would love to have you join me on the path!




Elicia B.

Silver Spring, MD

Suzanne’s classes are a perfect balance of serenity and strength. She has an authentic yogic sensibility, bringing an aura of peace and wellbeing to all of her classes. Suzanne emphasizes finding ways to master new skills while preventing injury. I have studied with Suzanne for years and am impressed how her own practice continues to both evolve and deepen; and I appreciate how she brings these new ideas to her students. If you seek a flow yoga practice that is both physically challenging and spiritually rewarding, Suzanne will be your favorite teacher.

Glen McW

Silver Spring, MD.

Many thanks to Suzanne for greatly enhancing my health, well-being, and life. As a 50-something, fairly serious runner and swimmer, I began to recognize that my normal exercise routine was not as easy as it used to be. I’ve now worked with Suzanne for several years, and she’s helped restore my flexibility, range of motion, and general physical fitness, thereby adding enjoyment (and years) to my running and swimming. I highly recommend Suzanne for private sessions.

Krisztina M.

Aman, Jordan

I was meant to meet Suzanne. I went from a runner who does yoga, to a yogi and a yoga teacher because of her. She is a mentor, a friend and an outstanding teacher who showed me the challenge, the humility, the strength and the spirituality that is essential to a well rounded practice. My students can thank her for reigning me in, enlightening me and gently guiding my whirling mind to understand what yoga is truly all about and how the journey never ends.